Royal-Phoenix Trading, LLC has been established to leverage the import/export industry between the United States and Asia. The company’s goals are to foster the export potential of Asian countries and help Americans access more affordable, higher quality products.

Over the past few decades, the United States has maintained its role as the world leader in the retail industry. Despite a predicted steady growth, the U.S. retail industry is facing a modernization problem due to web based technology. With the Internet’s rapid growth, consumers prefer online shopping more and more each day. Seizing the opportunity within the retail industry and potential growth in the e-commerce market, the project’s main objective is to leverage the specialty import industry via the online e-commerce platform. Royal-Phoenix is going to use the e-commerce marketplace as the core of the business to minimize the cost that traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have to bear.

The Company’s principal place of business is located in Warren County, Virginia, in the Town of Front Royal, a part of the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV Metropolitan Statistical Area. The strategic location of Royal Phoenix has given the project many advantages such as its proximity to the Virginia Inland Port, employment opportunities, and the support of federal and state governments.

Image of Proposed Model for Royal-Phoenix Building